Mental Health Marketing

Build Your Therapy Practice Online

At Business Builders Marketing, we understand how important it is for mental health practitioners to be visible and easily found. The strongest desire of mental health professionals is to offer hope and help to those in need. For that to happen, those searching have to be able to connect with those who can provide care and service. We also know that messaging and advertising for mental health can be delicate, and finding partners who understand can be difficult. At Business Builders, we specialize in marketing for mental health professionals, from psychiatrists to psychologists, therapists to counselors, LCSWs, LCPCs, and more. We provide services to mental health practices that include:

  • Reputation Management – ensure your clients can tell others about your wonderful support. Learn how to respond, even to challenging reviews, and grow your reputation and search ranking simultaneously.
  • Digital Marketing Services – the internet truly is a web. Ensure your various profiles are fully connected, and your website truly is the hub of your digital presence.
  • Digital Advertising – if you've ever considered advertising on platforms like Google or Facebook but are overwhelmed, you're not alone. Our digital ads team is certified on multiple platforms and ready to get your practice in front of potential clients and patients.
  • Website Development –Is your website the foundation that it needs to be to create a robust web presence? We can make sure it is, working with an existing structure or creating a timeline for new needs based on your goals.
  • SEO/SEM Audits and Website Optimization – We can often ensure that a website is working for you by conducting an audit that will allow us to see if your audience can find and appreciate you. Many times we can make simple modifications that will have a tremendous impact.
  • Advertising and Public Relations – Whether you're looking for traditional advertising options or public relations support (in the event of exciting or concerning times), our more than 30 years of experience can ensure that you will be promoted and placed in the most favorable light.
  • Lead Capture and Generation – Business Builders can help you track and capture those needing your services and ensure you reach the right audience.

We know that practices like yours are vital to your community, but you may not have the workforce to do all the marketing and advertising you need. That's where we come in. Business Builders has the skills and know-how to market mental health services and reach those in need on your behalf. Let us do what we do, so you can continue to care for those in need.


Call us today or schedule a free consultation. From website development to digital advertising, we would love to discuss how Business Builders Marketing can enable you to reach your goals and build your practice.